Doing someones 3rd grade schoolwork for them?Coloring with two crayons and thinking it's very funny.Helping a friend get this wagon to the top of the hill.When you notice a friend with leaves in their hair you come running and pick them out for him! :DBreakfast- Cereal, Peaches, Milk
Lunch- Spaghetti w/Meatballs, Baby Limas, Applesauce, Cheese Slices, Milk
Snack- Ranch Flavored Wheat Thins, Apple Juice

Here are some of Fridays activities.Each time she would get a piece in she'd throw up her hands!So proud of his finished work!"Snap!" How many monkeys are left?The other children were dipping their wafers in milk. She wanted to dip hers too so I took the top off her cup.

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