Worksheets, Singing 'N' Dancing, And Fuse Beads

Today 4-6 year olds practiced writing tracing then writing the alphabet, and all ages did a trace and color worksheet. 

Watching all the action while everyone else is singing  "The Hokie Pokie"

Singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Making a fuse bead cat

Breakfast- Pancakes, Orange Juice, Milk
Lunch- Cheese or Party Pizza, Green Beans, Applesauce, Cheese Slices, MIlk
Snack- White Grape Peach Juice, Ritz Crackers


Making Clay Beads

Today we made "creative clay" then shaped it into beads for our indian necklaces.


Making Indian Necklaces, Mixing Colors-Making New Colors

We started a bead project today that will take a couple of days to complete. Today we mixed basic colored paints to make new colors then poured pasta into each color to soak. These will be some of the beads for an indian necklace.
   We also practiced the alphabet and some of the letter sounds, sang songs, read stories, sang "Ten Little Indians" and practiced counting to 30.


Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Orange Juice, Milk
Lunch- Hamburger Chow Mein (w/soy sauce optional), Corn, Applesause, Cheese Slices, Milk
Snack- Fig Newtons, Milk


A Slow, Lazy Monday

Because of bad weather our day started out real slow and kinda lazy and stayed that way all day.I didn't get many pictures but here are a few.

Breakfast-Cereal, Peaches, Milk
Lunch- Salmon Patties, Macaroni and Cheese, Butter Beans, Applesause, Milk
Snack- A Choice of Three Kinds of Snack Crackers, Apple Juice


Memory, Cliffords A-B-C Bingo, and Wood Puzzles

Breakfast- Pancakes, Orange Juice, Milk
Lunch- Meatloaf, Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, Peas, Butter Bread, Milk
Snack- Goldfish Snack Crackers, Grape Juice