Unannounced Renewal Inspection

Here are few pictures of this morning before our Licensing specialist made an unannounced visit.
Following are the areas reviewed and the comments she left.

Standards Reviewed:
Physical Environment & Equipment
Care of Children
Physical Health
Record Keeping Responsility
The License
The Licensing Process
General Provisions
Child Abuse & Neglect
License and Registration Procedures
Facilities & Programs
Background Checks
Liability Insurance Disclosure

Comments: Children and adults were abserved during open play, an educational activity, coloring activity, story time, clean-up, singing, hand washing, lunch,nap, and behavioral management. All adult's and children's records were reviewed.
No violations

This Inspection Summary will be posted on the wall above the bookcase.

Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Orange Juice
Lunch- Huntington Chicken, Green Beans, Apple Slices, Cheese Slices, Milk
Snack- Chocolate Chip Cookies, Milk

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