Thursday June 24 Trying To Stay Cool

         We were outside by 7:30 this morning trying to beat the heat.
It was shady and cool out by the chicken pen so we went out there first and visited the chickens.

"Hey chickens, see my feet!"

The girl in pink is trying to flap her "wings" like the chicken and the boy is trying to crow like the roosters.

Watching Mary cut tea leaves.

Admiring the flowers in the new flowerbed.

Discussing the month they found on the train.(it's on the bottom  right of this picture)

 Back in the front yard playing with waterguns.

After we played with water guns for awhile we had some sugar-free popsicles.


Playing "London Bridge".

Drawing with markers and colored pencils.

Doing flashcards.

Breakfast- Pancakes, Milk, Orange Juice
Lunch- Pizza, Grean Beans (fresh from the garden), Fruit Cocktail, Cheese
Snack- Cheese Nips, Grape Juice

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