5/23/11 Monday

They were so happy to see "new" library books.

Charity is out of school now and enjoys helping with the activities so I let her choose the subject for this week. She chose farms and read books about farm animals for storytime.

They did the "Five Little Ducks" finger play.

Practicing the alphabet.

Worksheets - matching the baby farm animals to the mothers.


regina said...

I cannot thank you all enough for providing loving and secure child care for my Grandson, Cole. The pictures from the blog are just the icing on the cake! It always brings a smile to my face to be able to check out what he and the rest of the kids have been doing. Keep up the good work.

Cole's Mamaw

Anonymous said...

great pics of all the kids. love seeing cole from Arizona Thanks

Foster/AdoptiveMom said...

Thanks, to both of you! Cole is doing great and has been a wonderful addition to the daycare. I would also like to add that his parents have been great to work with!