Outdoor Play Monday 10/17/11

I was pleased to hear a couple of children greeting each other in spanish this morning! And that was before we did our Spanish session for today. Our daily Spanish lessons must be making an impression. (thanks Vera) 

We were so happy to be able to spend a lot of time outside today. Its been way to long since we've been able to spend quality time outdoors.

Breakfast- Cereal, Peaches, Milk
Lunch- Salmon Patties, Cheese and Macaroni, Baby Limas, Applesauce, Milk
Snack- Apple Juice, a choice from several snack crackers

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regina said...

Looks like the kids had a wonderful time playing outdoors in the hay. You take wonderful pictures. Seeing my Grandson and his playmates on the blog brightens my days. It helps keep me close to him when I am so far away. Thanks.