Lovin' The Beautiful Outdoors

 One of their favorite things to do outside is to pick pine needles off the fence. I'm not sure why that is so much fun when the ground is covered with easy to gather pine needles but they would all rather get them off the fence.

"Gonna feed the cat."

"Gonna feed the chickens now."

"Watch this Darlene!"

Breakfast - Pancakes,Orange Juice, Milk
Lunch - Pizzas, Green Beans, Applesauce, Cheese Slices, Milk
Wheatables (Pecan Nut Crisps), Berry Juice

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Jerry Kretsch said...

Hi Cole We saw you having a birthday party at school blowing out three candles. I think you have a lot of fun with your friends their playing games and sharing your birthday cake too.
Love Grama and Paw Pa Kretsch