"Green Day" Friday Sept. 18

Today we (1-5 year olds) worked on the color "green". We colored a green frog and found items around the house that were green.
4-5 year olds did a cut, sort, and paste worksheet and practices writing their names.
They were all happy to be able to play outside today again and I think they got rid of a little bottled up energy.
This afternoon we did a "Falling Into Colors" worksheet. They traced the color words than followed the code box to color the picture. We also did a "Missing Letters" worksheet. They had to fill in the missing letters of the alphabet.
We practiced counting to 20, grouping things into 4 groups of 5, and simple addition.

Breakfast- Cereal, Grapes, Milk
Lunch- Hotdogs, French Fries, Pork n Beans, Butter Bread, Milk
Snack- Chips Ahoy Fudge Bites, Milk

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