Unannounced Inspection

I didn't get to take pictures today. Our licensing inspector showed up unannouced this morning and that always gets all the children a little unsettled-thus, no picture taking time for me!
Following is the summary she left with us. ( This will be posted on the wall above the telephone for anyone who wants to read it.)

Areas of Standards Reviewed:
Physical Environment & Equipment
Care of Children
Physical Health
The License
The Licensing Process

During this inspection eight children were present along with six residential children, the provider, and the assistant for a total of 27 points. During this inspection all records were reviewed for any updates. Children and staff were reviewed during open play, clean-up, bathroom break, hand washing, behavioral management, educational lessons, singing, story time, and preparing for lunch. The physical plant was inspected for hazards. No violations were found during this inspection.

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