Singing, Helping Others and Playing Outside

Singing "Jingle bells, jingle bells..."

One of the 'big girls' helping (by her own choice) a smaller girl with shoes and socks so we can go outside.

Now smaller girl gives 'big girl' a wagon ride. Was that repayment for the help with the shoes and socks?

"This ice is cold!" (She has a chunk of snow in her hand left-over from someones snowman.

Look alike coats at the bottom of the slide.


Singing "Open, shut them, open, shut them - put them in your lap..."

Singing, "Creep them, creep them, creep them, creep them - right up to your chin..."

Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Orange Juice, Milk
Lunch- Mackeral Patties, Macaroni n Cheese, Corn, Applesause, Milk
Snack- Oreos, Milk

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