Learning About Community Workers

Today we read about the different kinds of community workers then made "Community Helpers" mini books. We did a worksheet, matching community helpers to the tools they use or vehicles they drive.
Working on learning shapes, practicing the alphabet and some of the letter sounds, community helpers puzzles, counting bears/simple addition, and singing songs with some sign language were some more activities in our day.

Doing matching worksheet while little sister helps pick out the crayons.

The fun of these shapes worksheets was the fact that after you colored on them you could take a rag and wipe the crayon back off.
Doing Community Helpers puzzles.
Hmmmm! Where is that last piece?!

There it is!
Putting the correct number and color bears on the bus as I read the instructions.
Counting the total number of bears on the bus.
Two blue bears, two yellow bears and one green bear...
All together there are "One, two, three, four, five."

Trying to balance on her finished piece of construction.

Cutting out the pages for the mini book.

Enjoying the finished work.
Reading their finished book to them.

She's finding it funny that she's opening the straps on her shoes after Mary put the shoes on her twice already.

Breakfast- Cereal, Pears, Milk
Lunch- Salmon Patties, Macaroni n Cheese, Lima Beans, Applesause, MIlk
Snack- Flip Side Pretzel Crackers, Apple Juice

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