Tue. & Wed. Snowflake Finger Puppets, Princesses and Cowboys

This little girl brought some dress-up clothes that were a big hit today!
"We're swimming!"

The singing princesses. The princess has a box of "candy" and is handing "candy" out to everyone.
In the car headed for "a party".

"You ok?" "Her dress ran out of batteries".

"Let me give you a hug."

Tuesday January 19

Last week everyone made snowflake finger puppets.
Today we did a finger play with the puppets.

"One left"

"Aaaah! All!"
Ok so I know we don't usually allow them to play with the carseats but she was having so much fun. She put her baby in here and made sure it was covered good with the blanket. Then she slung her bag over her arm and is now trying to figure out how to carry this seat. ( by the way it's my carseat. We don't allow them to play with other parents seats)

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