Friday July 31,2009

We checked the eggs again this morning.

Since there were only four children here for daycare today we went to the back playground. But first we stopped at the garden to eat some fresh peas.

They had a lot of fun out there!

He rode bike...

...and rode bike...

...and rode bike some more. Thats all he wanted to do out here.

Breakfast- Cereal, Tropical Fruit Mix, Milk
Lunch- Chicken n Rice, Green Beans, Cheese Slices, Bananas
Snack- Chocolate Chip Cookies, Milk
We had a very quiet day today with only four daycare children. This morning we checked the eggs to see if chicks had hatched. No such luck.
From there we went to the back playground but on the way the children wanted to stop at the garden and eat fresh peas.
They had a blast sliding on the slide, swinging , getting motorcycle and jeep rides (one of the older children was pushing them around on the riding toys) riding bicycles, and exploring new places.
At storytime we read "The Curious Little Kitten Around the House" and Cheltenham's Party". We sang "There Are Seven Days" and "My God Is So Big". We also did "This Little Chick", a colors and rhyming activity.

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