Friday July 10,2009

Putting on glue for the corn.

Putting corn in the feed box for the cow.

All the cows have been "fed".

Playing "Pin the Pocket on the Farmer".

"I missed!"

Trying to get the pocket at the right place.
"Iss wight there." (on the leg)
Oops, I think you missed too!

Hey, what's goin on here? How do I do this if I can't see?
There! Now I can see what I'm doing!
Doing the counting rhyme again. "Four left."
Pretending to eat "cake".
Breakfast- Cereal, Pineapple, Milk
Lunch- Cheese and Balogna Sandwiches, Pork n Beans, French Fries, Milk
Snack-Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookies, Milk
Today was another slow, quiet day with 4 children out.
This morning we "fed" the cows corn. (A worksheet they colored then glued corn kernels into the feed box for the cow). After the cows were fed we played "Pin the Pocket on the Farmer". They had a lot of fun with that game. Everyone got involved in that game from the smallest to the biggest.
We changed the "Six Little Pigs" counting rhyme to "Six Little Cows". Then we sang "Jesus, Jesus I Love You"(with ASL).
After lunch they watched a DVD about different kinds of farms.

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