Tuesday July 7, 2009

Learning the names and sounds of farm animals.

Putting up a fence and putting cows inside the fence.(Part of our farm theme for this week)

She filled her fenced area with pigs.

Getting a close look at a huge green caterpiller they found.

Playing "Monkey-in-the-Middle"

"I can't pick it up! It's too heavy!"
"I can't push it over!"

Counting pigs
Four pigs left.
One pig left.
Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Juice
Lunch- Chicken Nuggets, Fried Potatoes w/Gravy, Corn, Butter Bread, Milk
Snack- Nutter Butter Cookies, Milk
The "Story Lady"-as the children call her- was here today and had about 30 minutes of stories, songs and activities with the children.
We played with the farm set this morning and talked about the animals and the sounds they make. We built fences and used the barns, trucks and tractors to learn how farms operate.
The 3-5 year olds did a farm animal counting worksheet and practiced writing their names.
We sang "Animals on the Farm" and played out the "Six Little Pigs" poem. (counting backward from six till there were no pigs left).

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