Wednesday July 15,2009

Tracing shapes

Glueing shapes onto the matching shapes.

Tracing a square...

Gluing on the square she colored.

Singing and dancing-with corn??
She's always so happy!
Blowing bubbles and doing real good at it!
But it sure doesn't taste good when you accidently get your mouth on the bubble wand!
He was proud of himself for getting on this tricycle!
"You want some bubbles?"
Breakfast- Chopped Beef Gravy on Toast, Cereal, Bananas, Milk
Lunch- Cheesy Tuna Pasta, Green Beans, Applesause, Cheese Slices,Milk
Snack- Still to come...
This was another relaxed, calm, quiet day. I love days like this!
The 4-5 year olds traced, colored, cut, and glued shapes and practiced writing their numbers from 1-5. The 2 year olds traced, colored and glued shapes.
We started storytime singing "Hello, How Are You" Then read "The rhyme Book" and "Animal Train". After the stories we sang "Days of the Week" and This is the Day".

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