Thursday, June 11,2009

Coloring Big Bird in a nest and the letter N.

Working on the letter N. N is for nest.

Sequencing the events of a bird building a nest,sitting on the eggs and feeding the birds.

Gluing the eggs and a bird in the nest.

Gluing the eggs and the bird in the nest.

Gluing a nest, eggs and a bird scenery together.

Finishing off the nest, eggs and baby bird picture.

She was so close to taking a step. I really thought she was going to try.

But no, she just laughs at me like she knows what I'm thinking.

"Sumpins in my shoe! Oh! It's just duwt!"

These two had a good game of pitch-and -catch going. They were both really good at it.


Jonathan thought it would be a good idea to read a story to whoever was interested while we wrapped up lunch preparations.

Breakfast- Pancakes, Orange Juice, Milk
Lunch- Pizza, Green Beans, Applesause, Cheese Slices, Milk
Snack- Fig Bars, Milk
Seemed liked everyone was a little high-strung today. I tried to keep them busy so things didn't get out of hand.
We worked on the letter N this morning. They colored a picture of a big N with Big Bird sitting in a nest behind the N. Then the 4-5 year talked about four pictures I gave to each of them, then glued them in the right order( momma bird finding sticks for the nest, momma bird building the nest, mamma bird sitting on the eggs, mamma bird finding a worm for the baby birds). They also practiced using scissors and cut out and glued a bird nest scene onto construction paper.
The 2-3 year olds glued the nest onto construction paper then we talked about gluing the eggs in the nest.
We had storytime outside and read "Flap Your Wings" about a little boy that found an eggs and put it in an empty bird nest thinking it was a birds eggs. As the story goes it was an alligator egg not a bird egg.
We sang "The Birds Up In The Treetops" and "This Is The Day The Lord Has Made".
After our short storytime(they were too restless to make it too long) they played outside till lunchtime.

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