Tuesday, June 9,2009

Eating an M&M before they all get poured in the macaroon mix.

Measuring and pouring coconut.

Measuring coconut for the macaroons.

Pouring in the M&Ms.

Pouring the M&Ms to make macaroons.

Time to stir it all together!

We all take turns stirring.

Now we measure a spoonful and put it on the pan to bake.

Setting out all the picnic supplies.

"Hold hands. Lets pray before we eat."

This was the highlight of the whole day. A wagon ride!

Getting a headstart on lunch while the others are having a wagon ride.

He was sitting here smiling so cute and just when I was ready to snap the picture he noticed the mower pulling the wagon, getting closer.

A table just our size!

Testing the macaroons we made this morning.

Ready for some more food.

Picnic fun!

The fun is over. Time to head back in the house.

Breakfast- Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Orange Juice
Lunch- Chicken Nuggets, Carrots, Butter Bread, Bananas, Chex Party Mix, Polka-Dot Macoroons
Snack- Ritz Bitz Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Milk

We had a very busy day today! Mrs Zapotoczny (otherwise known as "the story lady") was here this morning and read a couple stories about ducks, did some finger plays, and sang some action songs.
After story we made polka-dot macaroons and did a picnic craft.
Then came the best part of everyones day-a wagon ride! Calvin hooked the wagon onto the mower and everyone piled in! They talked about that the rest of the day.
He let everyone out at the picnic tables and we got to eat a picnic lunch.

Playing with the ponies after nap.

"Look, a giant flower!"

After nap swing rides.

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