Thursday June 25,2009

Todays art project was a rainbow fish.

Coloring a coffee filter with markers.

Spraying the colored coffee filter.

Making an exercise bike out of the tricycle.

He is always laughing! All I have to do is look at him and he starts laughing!

The girl in the back is hollering "Hey come back, come back!" The girl in the front is shouting "No, no, no!"
They ran down here and jumped in this truck.
Looking very offended says"Somebody put duwt top my caw"!
Laughing again! All I did was look to see where he was.
He has a string and he's trying to tie the rocket onto the tractor.
Breakfast- Pancakes, Orange Juice, Milk
Lunch- Triple Meat and Triple Cheese Pizzas, Green Beans, Apple Slices, Cheese Slices
Snack- Goldfish Crackers, White Grape Juice
We started our storytime singing "Hello, How Are You", then read "The Rainbow Fish" (about sharing). We sang "Once I Caught A Fish Alive", and Three Little Fishies".
We started a rainbow fish craft but will have to finish it tomorrow.

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