Thursday June 18,2009

Sometimes a little one-on-one time is needed.

What a neat train you made!

Playing with Pets...

She collected all her toys, arranged them in a circle, then got down to business setting up all her animals.

I think she's being welcomed into the daycare "family". After this he got up and....

came back with this toy for her.

Coloring and decorating butterflies. We traced each childs feet to make the butterly wings.

Singing "Just like the green leaves on the trees, swaying in the summer breeze..."

Still trying to figure everything out...

Picking flowers...

His favorite outside activity;

Climb up,slide down,climb up, slide down, over and over.

Enjoying lunch...

Breakfast- Pancakes, Milk, Orange Juice
Lunch- Fish Sticks, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Peas, Butter Bread, Milk
Snack- Flipsides Pretzel Crackers, Berry Juice

Another fun, busy day gone by. Today we drew and decorated butterflies. Each child had their feet traced for the wings to their butterfly. Then we drew the body and colored and decorated the picture with crayons, glitter glue and different shaped jewels.
At storytime we read "Clara Caterpillar" and sang "Jesus Loves Me", Say to The Lord I Love You" (with directions to follow like touch your finger to your nose,bend from the waist way down and touch your toes,etc.) and "Praise the Lord"(also with directions to follow).

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