Wednesday, June 3,2009

Working hard on the letter Ff. I love that expression!

The finished work.

Just hangin' around...

Smiling for a picture.

Oops! I didn't think to check the back of this car this morning and she found some dirt someone was hauling yesterday. Only it was more like mud this morning after that rain last night. Sorry mom! She was having fun though!

Trying hard to get this swing going!

Driver says "Get on the back". Passenger looks kinda doubtful and says"I'm not sure". I guess she decided it would work.

Mmmmm... Mary makes delicious mashed potatoes! The messier the better!

Breakfast- Chipped Beef Gravy on Toast, Cereal, Bananas, Milk

Lunch- Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Butter Bread, Milk

Snack- Cheese Ritz Bitz Sandwiches, Berry Juice

Today we worked on a frog on a lilypad craft and the letter Ff for frog.

At storytime we read "Lakes and Ponds" and "Baby Duck".We talked about the different textures in "Baby Duck" (soft,fuzzy,sticky,rough,furry, and smooth).

We sang a song about pond life called "Little White Duck".
This afternoon we had a lesson on "Don't talk to strangers".

It's so hard to wake up from a good nap! Mary usually takes me off my cot and puts me on the couch after nap and I just keep on sleeping!

Good snack after a good nap!


I finally woke up and had snack before going back outside.

The storm chased us back in this afternoon so I worked on puzzles.

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