Thursday, June 4, 2009

Trying to learn the alphabet.

Color time...

Listening and following instructions...

Learning to write my name...

Concert time! Somehow this mic. just doesn't carry sound well!

Outside!!!! No better place to be!

Come get me!
This is the lunchtime tradition. As soon as Mary calls "Ya'll come to the table" he runs to the far side of the kitchen and waits for me to come after him.

Breakfast- Pancakes, Milk, Orange Juice
Lunch- Fish Sticks, Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes, Peas, Butter Bread, Milk
Snack- A variety of snack crackers to choose from, Grape Juice

This morning 3-5 year olds worked on writing their names.We also worked on a listening and following instructions worksheet.The younger ones colored a picture.
For storytime we read "The Pancake Boy", "Swing"(a scanimation book), and "Exactly The Opposite". We sang "If your Wearing" [red, blue, black,etc.] with instructions to follow if they were wearing the color mentioned in the song.We also sang "Jesus, Jesus, I Love You" (w/ASL) and the "ABC" song, first slow then very fast.
After storytime they played on the porch.

Rain kept us indoors after nap.

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